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Vegan Fish Tacos

I made these vegan fish tacos using Gardein golden fishless filets, they’re crispy and delicious but of course if you want to use real fish go ahead. I also made my own corn tortillas recipe in previous blog store bought tortillas are fine. Here’s how I do i:


4-6 tortillas

4-6 vegan fish fillets depending on how many tacos you’re making

1 tomato diced

shredded green cabbage or red cabbage about 2-3 tbs per taco

1 avocado sliced

salsa or hot sauce or both!

fresh limes half per taco

Bake the fishless filets for 15 mins turning once till crisp. Shred the cabbage with a box grater, place pieces of the filet on each tortilla then layer with shredded cabbage, diced tomatoes, sliced avocado and top with salsa and hot sauce

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