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The Power of Positive Thought

I’ve often been told I live my life through rose colored glasses. Partially true, but I owe this particular trait to the power of positive thought. We’re living in the most difficult and divisive times in current history so now more than ever it’s easy to succumb to negative thought and pessimism, myself included on occasion. Optimism is proven to enhance and improve our lives on so many levels: physical, mental and spiritual. It’s also believed to strengthen our immune system and make us more impervious to ill health and lengthen our lives. I truly believe that positive thought can be instilled in all of us by following these simple steps.

Don‘t focus on loss, focus on everythjng you have.

Treat yourself royally: eat healthy nutritious food, don’t smoke, exercise, get regular sleep, meditate, don’t overuse alcohol

Be grateful and give back to the community. Charity benefits the receiver and the giver.

Be kind.

Incorporate a healthy habit into your life

Laugh as much as you can.

Love without measure.

Hold your friends and family close to your heart.

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