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Thai Ribbon Noodles in Coconut Chili Sauce with Chinese Broccoli and Vegan Chicken

This is one of my Thai/Chinese fusion dishes easy to make and you can use any protein you like I used Lightlife vegan chicken strips came out great, give it a try!


1 package Thai ribbon noodles or any Asian noodle

about 6-12 vegan chicken strips or protein of choice

1 bunch Chinese broccoli stems trimmed off

4 cloves garlic chopped

1” fresh grated ginger

1 cup coconut milk

1 tbs red chili paste

1 small zucchini chopped

4 scallions chopped

1 tbs sesame oil

In a large skillet add some neutral veg oil, about 1 tbs heat and add the chicken strips brown on each side for 2-3 mins add a sprinkle of S&P, remove set aside. Steam the Chinese broccoli for 3-4 mins till softened then chop in medium pieces and set aside. Add a bit more oil to the skillet and add the garlic and ginger and simmer for 3 mins then add the zucchini and Chinese broccoli and continue simmering another 3-4 mins add a dash of sesame oil. Add the coconut milk and chili paste continue simmering. Cook the Thai noodles as per package then add to the skillet with the chopped scallions and another dash of sesame oil. Incorporate everything and serve in bowls piping hot.

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