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Szechuan Style Bok Choy With Tempeh

This is a zesty dish loaded with flavor and for meat eaters you can substitute the tempeh for beef strips. Here’s how I do it:


1 bunch of baby bok choy, stems trimmed off leave some stalk

1 package tempeh cut into thin rectangles or strip beef

4 cloves garlic chopped fine

1”ginger grated

6 scallions chopped

1-2 tsp chili powder

3 tbs oyster sauce

2 tbs soy sauce

1 tsp sesame oil

1 tbs rice vinegar

1 tsp agave or brown sugar

1 chili pepper chopped or 1 tsp crushed red pepper

Fresh lime, optional

In a hot skillet add a little veg oil, add the tempeh sprinkle it with chili pepper, a splash of soy sauce a drizzle of sesame oil and sear for 2 mins on each side then set aside. Add a touch more oil then add the garlic, chili pepper and ginger simmer 2-3 mins. Add the bok Choy simmer 2-3 mins then add the soy and oyster sauce, agave, rice vinegar and remaining chili powder. Add a dash of water. Cover and simmer 3-4 mins then add the tempeh and chopped scallions and simmer another 2-3 mins stirring frequently. Serve in bowls over fragrant jasmine rice with a squeeze of fresh lime.

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