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Southwest Salad with Vegan Chicken Tenders

I like to buy vegan tenders sometimes, I try to buy the healthier ones that are coated in grains and I came up with this salad where I have them still warm. You can also use real chicken strips if you aren't vegan.

First, I brush a little olive oil on the strips and sprinkle some paprika and chili powder on them, then I bake them in an oven set to 375F for 8-10 mins turning once while they cook.

For the salad I use mixed greens, chopped scallions, sliced tomatoes, green olives, blue corn tortilla strips, sometimes I add some black or pinto beans. When the chicken strips are still hot place on top of the salad, I also sprinkle some vegan (or non) monterey jack and cheddar cheese and then just use dressing of choice, I like to use a Southwest chipotle ranch dressing for some extra kick!

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