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Sesame Basmati Rice with Avocado and Tofu and Slivered Almonds

This is a great summer dish packed with flavor and feel free to use any protein of choice but I used a super extra firm tofu has the density of cheese for a nice toothsome bite.


1 cup basmati rice, should be enough for 2-3 portions

1 block super firm tofu cut in cubes or cooked protein of choice

1/2 cup blanched slivered almonds

1 avocado cut into cubes same size as tofu

2 tbs sesame paste/ tahini

2tbs soy marinade I like Soyaki from Trader Joe’s if not use soy sauce and 1tbs rice vinegar

golden bee pollen for garnish (optional)

cook the rice per box instructions. Add the soy marinade to a bowl and toss the tofu in it and let it soak. While there’s still a small amount of water in the rice and its bubbling, add the sesame paste and almonds and stir then add the marinated tofu so it heats up add S&P to taste. Remove from heat add the avocado and serve warm in bowls, I like sprinkling some golden bee pollen on top.

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