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Re-Charge Your Metabolism With Intermittent Fasting

We're all home a lot more now and perhaps indulging more than usual due to current stressful circumstances. A great way to keep your metabolism working at top speed is intermittent fasting. There are many types of fasts, juice-fasts, de-tox and cleansing fasts, etc. These are usually carried out over several days, I've tried many. Intermittent fasting is different because in general it usually means extending meal times or skipping meals but I find the best type of intermittent fasting is doing 1 day fasts. I do 1 "liquid day" per week and on that day I just drink fresh fruit and vegetable juices and perhaps a light broth. By doing this I give my body a break from constantly having to digest food and let my body focus its energy on other parts of my body that may need healing. I find it increases my overall energy in the long term, keeps my weight constant, especially if I have an indulgent day here and there, and gives me more stamina. You can start with 1 liquid day a month then twice a month before you try to go weekly but obviously check with your doctor first if your health allows this. Also, it's very important to have a full 12 hours from your last meal in the evening till your breakfast the next morning to give your metabolism a time to rest. Another way to try intermittent fasting is to eliminate a meal on certain days of the week. You can try skipping lunch for 5 days our of the week, or breakfast to boost your metabolism, it's alot about trial and error and seeing what you're comfortable with but intermittent fasting has long term benefits for a healthy body.

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