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Preparing Your Garden for Spring Planting

As Spring approaches a lot of us can’t wait to get back to planting new flowers/veggies etc in our gardens but it’s important to prep the soil in advance in order to grow healthy plants. Here are some tips I do when I begin planting.

Aerate the soil: soil becomes compacted over winter so you want to take a shovel and loosen the earth, dig and turn over the soil so it becomes aerated.

Remove old roots, twigs etc: previous plants may have left behind roots. I use a hoe or metal rake to pull out old dead root systems as well as twigs, dead leaves, stones or debris.

Amend the soil: if you live in a very dry climate you may have too much clay in your soil making it very hard, you can add a soil amender to make the soil looser or if you have soggy soil choose a potting mix with good drainage or if it’s an average balanced soil I just like to add a few inches of good organic planting soil from my local nursery or Home Depot.

Give plants enough space to grow: I learned this lesson well....I overplanted and my garden became too dense, plants need room to establish healthy root systems.

Use compost: it’s very easy to start composting using leftover kitchen scraps etc, this organic material is great for your garden.

Don‘t use chemicals: don’t use chemical weed killers, fertilizers etc, there are heathy organic options that are good for your garden and the environment.

Plant according to your area: if you live in a dry climate choose drought tolerant plants, same for damper climates with plants that take more water. Choosing plants that are native to your region always makes good sense,

Choose plants that are good for the eco system. I try to choose plants that encourage the visitation of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds, it supports the local ecosystem and adds another layer of beauty to your garden.

That‘s all, happy planting!

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