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Pranayama (alternate nostril) Breathing for Improved Wellness

Many of us take the simple act of breathing for granted. Breath work is an important tool to improve your lung function, increase energy, balance and vitality. In Sanskrit Prana means life force and Pranayama breathing is a technique to enhance your life force especially during these difficult times. I do this once or twice a day before I meditate and it makes me feel so calm, this is how to do it:

Sitting comfortably, cross legged or seated, raise your right hand and close the right nostril with your thumb, inhale through your left nostril and release the thumb of right nostril and exhale while closing the left nostril with your middle finger, inhale with your right nostril then close it again with your thumb and release middle finger and exhale with left nostril. Continue this for 3-5 minutes alternating nostrils then to end it, on the inhale of the right nostril release both fingers and exhale.

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