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Organization 101

Some of us are born with an innate talent for organizing while others need some guidance on keeping our homes and workplaces organized and efficient. I’m definitely the former I have to have everything in it’s right place to feel at peace with my surroundings. I have followed Marie Kondo and those 2 guys “The Minimalists” for a few years and have adopted some of their techniques as well. Anyone can learn to be organized it just takes a bit of dedication. Here are some of my best tips for an organized life.

My most important rule: put things away daily don’t let it build up! This means clothing, papers, cleaning tools, hygiene products etc. Once a day do a walk through and put away your stuff. Don’t let it build up or it will start to seem insurmountable.

Start in one space at a time so you don’t feel overwhelmed, don’t try to organize the whole space at one time.

Follow the 5 year rule for clothing and shoes: if you haven’t worn something in 5 years donate it to charity since most likely you’ll never wear it again. Keep a donation bag in your closet.

Follow the 90/90 rule for papers, cluttered piles of assorted junk/objects: If you haven’t used any of these items in 90 days and don’t foresee yourself using them in the next 90 days then either toss, donate or store these items away.

On collectibles: we all collect certain favorite objects but too many displayed at once can overwhelm a space, choose up to 5 of these pieces for display, the rest store away.

Rotate your clothes seasonally in your closets so you aren’t digging for something out of season. If you have a garage put winter coats and jackets on a garment rack then rotate depending on the season. If you don’t have a garage try dedicating certain closets for cold weather items and another for warmer weather.

Allow for plenty of time to organize, don’t rush. Look for areas of wasted space and how to maximize your surroundings.

Keep your surroundings clean and fresh and make your bed everyday.

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