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Layering a Delicious Salad

Warm weather is here and main course salads are definitely a great light but filling option. I think the key to a great salad is layering it with lots of different greens, flavors and textures using nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc and including protein for balance like super firm baked tofu and avocado. Here’s whats in this salad:

Micro greens including arrugala, kale, green and red leaf lettuces

Shredded Brussels sprouts, radicchio, green olives and chopped scallions

Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried cranberries

cubed super firm baked tofu and cubed avocado

Start layering your bowl first with the greens then add the shredded veggies and olives , then the tofu and avocado then finally top it with the scallions, seeds and cranberries. This salad is great with a vinaigrette or a natural honey mustard dressing.

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