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Getting The Best Nights Sleep

Sleep is our body's way of healing itself nightly and is so important for optimal health but for some people it remains elusive. Stress, anxiety, being too plugged-in, irregular patterns, diet, all contribute to sleep problems. I have studied so many techniques and behaviors and found that following these simple steps will allow anyone to have a good nights sleep. The first and most important rule is regularity and not going to sleep too late. We are all part of nature and our bodies follow a circadian rhythm with the sunrise and sunset, producing more melatonin when it gets dark signaling our bodies to rest. Thus, try not to stay up too late, ideally we should all sleep by 10pm though I know that's not always possible. Secondly, stay regular with your sleep pattern, establishing a steady routine trains the body to sleep at a certain time. Here are my best tips to further enhance your nightly repose:

Stop caffeine consumption by 2pm

Exercise daily, the body naturally sheds built up stress when we are physical

Meditate daily, it relieves the body of built up tensions

Keep your bedroom temperature very cool, it promotes a deeper sleep and dark.

Unplug from devices at least 30 minutes before bedtime, the blue light emitted from electronic devices blocks the production of melatonin.

Don't drink alcohol to make yourself sleep, you may fall asleep but it will be an uneven sleep.

Avoid chemical sleep medications. They are highly addictive and do not produce a healthy sleep. Try warm milk, melatonin, natural products.

Clear you mind before you lie down. For 5 minutes, sitting up just breathe deeply and clear all thoughts then repose your body.

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