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Flower Power

Who doesn't like flowers? Whether they are planted flowers in a garden, cut flowers in a vase or perhaps a potted orchid, flowers bring joy to the senses. Their visual impact, fragrance and yes even taste, when using edible flowers is amazing. They can convey love, friendship, success, congratulations, condolences, the list is endless. I always love to fill my house with flowers while entertaining but be mindful not to place fragrant flowers near food, doesn't blend well, perhaps use a small bunch of roses or Casablanca lillies in a bathroom for a lovely scent. To get the most life out of cut flowers submerge the stems in water and cut the stem at an angle so they have maximum surface area for absorption and to extend the life of the flowers change the water in the vase daily and re-cut the stems. If buying edible flowers as a garnish or for a salad note that they have very different flavors, nasturtium and marigold are a bit spicy and citrus while pansy and rose are more sweet and grassy. If you have a potted orchid and the flowers have died, cut the stem at the base of the plant where there is a notch/joint. Keep the orchid on a windowsill and only water a small amount about once every 10-12 days. I find orchid food helps. In about a year it should grow a new stem with many blossoms.

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