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Coping With Stress and Anxiety

Let’s face it, we’re living in highly stressful times during the pandemic and political upheaval and many of us are coping with unprecedented stress and anxiety. How do we overcome these life crippling obstacles and live a happy life despite these obstacles? Firstly, we have to take good physical care of ourselves, eat healthy, sleep well and get enough daily exercise. Aside from this I’ve found these practices greatly reduce stress and anxiety.

Stay regular with your routines: eat and sleep at the same times daily, our mind is more at ease if we follow a regular pattern. But be novel with your routines, eat different foods that delight your senses and enhance your sleep with aromatherapy or an audio sleep story

Surround yourself with something beautiful each day: a piece of art, music, a beautiful flower or plant, a body of water, also a calming effect on the mind.

Do something creative: draw, paint, write a story or poem, cook/bake something, plant a tree, don’t worry about it coming out perfect, it’s the doing that counts not the end result.

Learn something new: when we learn to do something new we create new neural pathways in our brain and is proven to reduce stress.

Lastly, meditate...take 20 minutes per day, close your eyes and just let go, let your mind wander and descend, when you come out of it you’ll feel refreshed and less stressed.

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