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Chili Crusted Tempeh in Asian Noodles with Edamame

This literally came together with ingredients that came together without preplanning and turned out really great, give it a try. Ingredients

1 package tempeh cut into thin rectangles

1 package AsIan noodles any type

1 cup shelled edamame beans fresh or defrosted frozen ones

3 cloves garlic chopped

1 inch ginger grated or chopped fine

1 chili pepper or crushed red pepper about 1/2 tsp

4-5 chopped scallions

1 tbs rice vinegar

1/2 tsp sesame oil

4 Tbs oyster sauce

1 tbs soy sauce

1 tbs agave nectar

For the crust:

In a bowl add a few tbs corn starch plus 2 tbs chili powder pinch of salt, dredge the tempeh and shake off excess.

In a skillet add a few tbs veg oil and fry the tempeh on each side till golden and crunchy, set aside. In same skillet add a bit more oil add the garlic, ginger, pepper, salt and simmer 2 mins then add the edamame, oyster sauce, sesame oil, vinegar, soy sauce and agave and a spoon or 2 of water to create a sauce simmer 2 mins. Cook noodles per package instructions then add to the skillet, incorporate with sauce add the scallions and tempeh and simmer for another 2-3 mins then serve hot in bowls with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

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