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Chana Masala with Spinach and Baked Sriracha Tofu

Sometimes I crave Indian food but want to prepare a faster meal so I use a good organic frozen Chana Masala sauce included, store bought bake sriracha tofu and add fresh ingredients to make a delicious meal. Here’s how I do it:


1 package frozen Chana Masala Trader Joe’s makes a good one.

1 package fresh spinach

2 cloves garlic chopped

1” ginger grated

1 package baked sriracha tofu, you can substitute with plain tofu or any protein you like.

In a large skillet add some neutral veg oil heat up add the garlic and ginger and a pinch of salt then add the spinach and simmer till spinach is beginning to wilt then add the tofu stir and simmer, cook the Chana Masala as per package instructions then add it to the skillet and combone/simmer. Serve piping hot over basmati rice and top with chopped cilantro (optional)

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