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Achieve Harmony With Yoga

In Sanskrit the word yoga means to "join" or "unite". When we practice yoga it literally means the union of mind and body to achieve perfect harmony. There are many types of yoga and yes it can seem daunting when we see people in complicated twists and poses. Like a lot of guys I'm not super flexible but I've found simple yoga poses called "Asanas" are easy and effortless, basically stretching and simple poses which harmonize the mind and body and only take about 20 minutes. These yoga asanas combined with pranyama breathing which I'll cover in another blog brings a whole new depth when I perform them before my daily meditations. A regular practice of yoga brings a connectedness of mind and body that is so beneficial to one's overall health and well being and as alot of us are home more now it's easy to find the time to try this easy routine.

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