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4 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Let’s face it, the planet is being besieged by pollution and an insurmountable amount if trash, particularly plastic products, especially now during the pandemic single use plastic usage has skyrocketed. I often participate in beach cleanups here in Venice and am shocked how much trash I can collect in an hour. Most of us do our part by recycling and bringing our own bags for shopping but here are 4 things I do to reduce my carbon footprint. If we all do a little we can improve the planet.

Buy a concentrated cleaning product: I love this one by Power Plus, it’s eco friendly safe for plants and animals made from citrus oils. I just put a small amount in a spray bottle and add water and can use it on any surface. 1 bottle of concentrate lasts almost a year eliminating the purchase of many other plastic bottles

I have pump dispensers in my showers that I fill with shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and buy super large size products so I can just keep refilling, eliminating the need for constant smaller bottles.

Carry a portable steel straw with carrying case and cleaning brush, eliminating the use of plastic straws.

Carry a portable utensil kit in a roll up case eliminating the need of single use plastic utensils.

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