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Design has such an impact on our lives. A well designed home brings a sense of delight and contentment. Good design should be personal and reflect one's character as well as providing comfort and style. I'm skilled in many styles: traditional, contemporary, bohmemian, or your own personal eclectic mix.

Gardens enrich our minds and bodies. My extensive experience in garden design is a reflection of my creative spirit. A well designed garden is a pleasure to the senses and brings balance and peace to our lives. My expert knowledge in drought tolerant/native plants to enhance the garden makes great sense for Southern California.

A well nourished body and mind is the key to a happy, successful life. I've integrated my love for cooking and wellness to create delicious/nutritious food combined with meditation, QiGong and yoga to achieve optimum health and longevity. I've traveled the world to develop great healthy recipes that blend different cultures along with my extensive studies of healthy living.

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