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Vegan Stuffed Artichokes with Braised Tofu

This is part of my vegan Italian series, it can be a main course with the artichoke broth served over pasta or any grain and the braised tofu for protein. Here’s how I do it:


Artichokes, 2-3 depending on how many people 1 per person

4 cloves of garlic chopped plus a few whole cloves

1/2 cup panko breadcrumbs

1/2 cup vegan Parmesan cheese

1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley

1 block extra firm tofu cut in cubes

Cut the stems off the artichokes, don’t discard peel the coarse outer layer off and set aside. Cut about 1/4 off the top of the artichokes rinse and soak in water with some sliced lemon for about 15-20 mins. In a bowl combine the breadcrumbs, garlic, cheese, parsley and add a few tbs of olive oil to form a compact stuffing add a bit of S&P then fill the artichokes carefully inserting the stuffing between the leaves. Set them in a pot and fill with water halfway up the artichokes. Add a few whole garlic cloves, bunches of parsley and S&P to the water hen drizzle tops of artichokes and water with olive oil set on medium flame cover partially and simmer about 2 hours till artichokes are soft you may need to add more water along the way. During the last 30 mins add the cubed tofu. Serve piping hot with the artichoke broth and tofu in bowls.

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