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Pasta Genovese with Potatoes and Green Beans

This is a classic dish from Liguria where they have the best pesto in the world. It's a simple easy dish to make and makes a really hearty meal. Homemade pesto is best but good quality store bought is fine too. This is how I do it:


10-12 oz pasta: traditionally it's made with trofie but any short pasta works, I used cascatelli

1/2 cup good quality pesto

1 cup or so of string beans cut into bite size pieces I cut each bean into 3 pieces

1 cup or so of white potatoes cut into bite size pieces

Pecorino Romano cheese to sprinkle on top

In a large pot put some water to boil, add salt. Put the potatoes and pasta in the boiling water, after 5 mins add the green beans and cook another 5-6 mins then drain put reserve some pasta water. In a large bowl add the pesto and a little pasta water to the pasta and veggies and stir with a spoon till it's fully coated, serve with a sprinkle of Romano cheese on top and a touch of ground black pepper (optional)

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